Past Dates

27.05.2016 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [DE]
25.05.2016 Club 202 Budapest [HU]
24.05.2016 Kwadrat Krakow [PL]
22.05.2016 LIDO Berlin [DE]
21.05.2016 Backstage Munich [DE]
20.05.2016 La Maroquinerie Paris [FR]
18.05.2016 De Helling Utrecht [NL]
17.05.2016 O2 Academy Islington London [UK]
15.05.2016 Zeche Carl Essen [DE]
14.05.2016 Zeche Carl Essen [DE]
12.05.2016 Opera Club St. Petersburg []
11.05.2016 Volta Club Moscow [RU]
11.06.2014 Nosturi Helsinki [FI]
09.06.2014 O2 Islington Academy London [UK]
07.06.2014 LIDO --SOLD OUT-- Berlin [DE]
06.06.2014 Zeche Carl --SOLD OUT-- Essen [DE]
05.06.2014 Proxima Warsaw [PL]
03.06.2014 Ninkasi Kao Lyon [FR]
01.06.2014 Divan du Monde --SOLD OUT-- Paris [FR]
31.05.2014 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg [DE]
30.05.2014 Backstage Munich [DE]
28.05.2014 Club 202 Budapest [HU]
27.05.2014 Szene Vienna [AT]
25.05.2014 Zal Ozhidaniya St. Petersburg [RU]
24.05.2014 Moscow Hall Moscow [RU]
19.03.2011 Zeche Bochum [DE]
18.03.2011 O2 Acedemy Islington London [UK]
16.03.2011 La Trabendo Paris [FR]
15.03.2011 La Laiterie Strassbourg [FR]
13.03.2011 Backstage Munich [DE]
12.03.2011 Diesel Budapest [HU]
11.03.2011 Columbia Club Berlin [DE]
08.03.2011 Nosturi Helsinki [FI]
06.03.2011 GlavClub St. Petersburg [RU]
05.03.2011 Tochka Moscow [RU]
28.06.2009 Tuskafestival Helsinki [FI]
27.06.2009 Metaltown Gothenburg [SE]
19.05.2009 Mephisto Barcelona [ES]
17.05.2009 La Loco Paris [FR]
16.05.2009 Carling Academy London [GB]
15.05.2009 Zeche Bochum Bochum [DE]
13.05.2009 Columbia Club Berlin [DE]
12.05.2009 Markthalle Hamburg [DE]
10.05.2009 Klubben Stockholm [SE]
09.05.2009 Tochka Club Moscow [RU]
08.05.2009 Orlandina Club St. Petersburg [RU]
06.05.2009 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
31.07. - 02.08.2008 Wacken Open Air Wacken [DE]
02.02.2008 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
31.01.2008 Klubben Stockholm [SE]
29.01.2008 Carling Academy Islington London [GB]
27.01.2008 Lalocomotive Paris [FR]
26.01.2008 Zeche Bochum Bochum [DE]
24.01.2008 Kleine Georg Elser Halle Munich [DE]
15.09.2007 Asia Pacific Week Berlin [DE]
23.06.2007 J-Shock Köln [DE]

Hardcore/metal rockers girugamesh prove that Japanese indie scene is alive and kicking, roaring and bellowing. After forming in 2004, the band released its first single, Kaisen sengen, which debuted at No. 10 on the Japanese indie charts and sold out. Four more singles, two of which were available at tour concerts only, also sold out. girugamesh has toured Japan multiple times and released its first full-length album, 13's reborn in 2006.


  • Satoshi - Vocals
  • Nii - Guitars
  • ShuU - Bass
  • Яyo - Drums


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