On Tour

27.03.2019 Tatran Handball Aréna Prešov [SK] Tickets
28.03.2019 Hant Aréna Bratislava [SK] Tickets
30.03.2019 Allgäuer Hallenkartbahn Kaufbeuren [DE] Tickets
31.03.2019 Alcatraz Milano [IT] Tickets
02.04.2019 Forum Karlín Sold Out Prague [CZ] Tickets
03.04.2019 Huxleys Neue Welt Berlin [DE] Tickets
05.04.2019 MHPArena Ludwigsburg [DE] Tickets
06.04.2019 Brose Arena Bamberg [DE] Tickets
08.04.2019 Esperantohalle Fulda Fulda [DE] Tickets
09.04.2019 Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken [DE] Tickets
10.04.2019 Olympia Paris [FR] Tickets
12.04.2019 OsnabrückHalle Osnabrück [DE] Tickets
13.04.2019 Mehr!-Theater am Großmarkt Sold Out Hamburg [DE] Tickets
14.04.2019 König-Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen [DE] Tickets
16.04.2019 Forum Theatre London [GB] Tickets
18.04.2019 Stadthalle Offenbach Offenbach [DE] Tickets
19.04.2019 Z7 Pratteln [CH] Tickets
20.04.2019 Z7 Pratteln [CH] Tickets
24.04.2019 Santana 27 Bilbao [ES] Tickets
26.04.2019 Razzmatazz Barcelona [ES] Tickets
27.04.2019 Palacio Vistalegre Madrid [ES] Tickets
02.05.2019 Arenan Stockholm [SE] Tickets
04.05.2019 GlavClub Green Concert Moskva [RU] Tickets
06.05.2019 Barba Negra Track Budapest [HU] Tickets
09.05.2019 Akasaka Blitz Tokyo [JP] Tickets
12.05.2019 The Metro Theatre Sydney [AU] Tickets
14.05.2019 Forum Melbourne Melbourne [AU] Tickets
17.05.2019 City National Civic San Jose [US] Tickets
19.05.2019 City National Grove Anaheim [US] Tickets
21.05.2019 Patio Theater Chicago [US] Tickets
23.05.2019 Metropolis Montreal [CA] Tickets
24.05.2019 Palladium Worcester [US] Tickets

Past Dates

03. - 05.08.2017 Wacken Open Air Wacken [DE]
30.06.2017 Rock Fest Barcelona Barcelona [ES]
27.08.2016 Czad Festival Staszecin [Poland]
26.08.2016 Gießener Kultursommer Gießen [Germany]
14.08.2016 Alcatraz Metal Festival Kortrijk [Belgium]
12.08.2016 Leyendes del Rock Villena [Spain]
30.07.2016 Rock Of Ages Festival Seebronn/Rottenburg [Germany]
15.07.2016 Masters of Rock Vizovice [Czech Republic]
08.07.2016 Rockharz Festival Ballenstedt [Germany]
06.07.2016 Tollwood Festival Munich [Germany]
03.07.2016 Kavarna Rock Festival Kavarna [Bulgaria]
01.07.2016 Tuska Open Air Helsinki [Finland]
11.06.2016 Rockfels St. Goarshausen [Germany]
10.06.2016 Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg [Sweden]
24.04.2016 Espaço das Américas São Paulo [Brazil]
22.04.2016 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
20.04.2016 Teatro Caupolican Santiago [Chile]
18.04.2016 Peppers Club San Jose [Costa Rica]
17.04.2016 Auditorio BlackBerry Mexico City [Mexico]
15.04.2016 Playstation Theater New York [USA]
13.04.2016 Queen Elizabeth Theater Toronto [Canada]
11.04.2016 House of Blues Anaheim Anaheim [USA]
09.04.2016 Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball Tokyo [Japan]
06.04.2016 Ray Just Arena Moscow [Russia]
04.04.2016 Barba Negra Music Club Budapest [Hungary]
02.04.2016 Esperanto Fulda [Germany]
01.04.2016 Arena Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg [Germany]
31.03.2016 Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken [Germany]
29.03.2016 Full Metal Mountain Tröpolach [Austria]
28.03.2016 Sports Hall Bratislava Bratislava [Slovakia]
27.03.2016 Ice Stadium Banska Bystrica [Slovakia]
25.03.2016 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
24.03.2016 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
22.03.2016 Alcatraz Milan [Italy]
20.03.2016 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [Germany]
19.03.2016 Brose Arena Bamberg [Germany]
18.03.2016 All-Karthalle Allgäu Event Center Kaufbeuren [Germany]
16.03.2016 Forum Karlin Prague [Czech Republic]
15.03.2016 Stadthalle Langen Langen/Frankfurt [Germany]
13.03.2016 La Riviera Madrid [Spain]
12.03.2016 La Riviera Madrid [Spain]
11.03.2016 Razzmatazz Barcelona [Spain]
09.03.2016 Le Trianon Paris [France]
08.03.2016 Forum London London [United Kingdom]
06.03.2016 Aladin Bremen [Germany]
05.03.2016 Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg [Germany]
04.03.2016 Huxley´s Neue Welt Berlin [Germany]
02.08.2014 Wacken Open Air Wacken [Germany]
29.07.2014 Eiderlandhalle Pahlen [Germany]
10.08.2013 Bloodstock Open Air Catton Hall Derby [United Kingdom]
08.08.2013 Rock Pod Kamenom Snina [Slovakia]
14.07.2013 Masters of Rock Vizovice [Czech Republic]
13.07.2013 Rockharz Festival Ballenstedt [Germany]
10.07.2013 Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball Tokyo [Japan]
05.07.2013 Circo Volador Mexico City [Mexico]
03.07.2013 Peppers Club San Jose [Costa Rica]
01.07.2013 Teatro Royal Center Bogota [Colombia]
29.06.2013 HSBC Hall São Paulo [Brazil]
27.06.2013 Teatro Caupolican Santiago [Chile]
25.06.2013 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
23.06.2013 Arena Moscow Moscow [Russia]
21.06.2013 Hellfest Clisson [France]
08.06.2013 Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg [Sweden]
01.06.2013 Sonisphere Felstival Barcelona Barcelona [Spain]
31.05.2013 Sonisphere Felstival Madrid Madrid [Spain]
10.05.2013 Melkweg Amsterdam [Netherlands]
26.04.2013 Stadthalle Lichtenfels Lichtenfels [Germany]
25.04.2013 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen [Germany]
23.04.2013 Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg [Germany]
22.04.2013 Tempodrom Berlin [Germany]
20.04.2013 Esperanto Fulda [Germany]
19.04.2013 All-Karthalle Allgäu Event Center Kaufbeuren [Germany]
18.04.2013 Arena Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg [Germany]
16.04.2013 Alcatraz Milan [Italy]
14.04.2013 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
13.04.2013 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
12.04.2013 PPM Festival Mons [Belgium]
06.08.2011 Wacken Open Air Wacken [Germany]
19.12.2010 Grugahalle Essen [Germany]
18.12.2010 Esperanto Fulda [Germany]
15.12.2010 El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires [Argentina]
13.12.2010 CTN Hall São Paulo [Brazil]
10.12.2010 Circo Volador Mexico City [Mexico]
08.12.2010 Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball Tokyo [Japan]
05.12.2010 Arenan Stockholm [Sweden]
04.12.2010 All-Karthalle Allgäu Event Center Kaufbeuren [Germany]
03.12.2010 Stadthalle Lichtenfels Lichtenfels [Germany]
01.12.2010 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
30.11.2010 Z7 Pratteln [Switzerland]
13.08.2008 Sziget Festival Budapest [Hungary]
01.08.2008 Wacken Open Air Wacken [Germany]
24.07.2008 Half Sziget Tirgu Mures [Romania]
10.07.2008 Masters of Rock Vizovice [Czech Republic]
22.06.2008 Credicard Hall São Paulo [Brazil]
20.06.2008 Teatro Caupolican Santiago [Chile]
18.06.2008 Estadio Obras Buenos Aires [Argentina]
15.06.2008 Circo Volador Mexico City [Mexico]
13.06.2008 Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball Tokyo [Japan]
10.06.2008 Gorbanova Culture Club Moskau [Russia]
07.06.2008 Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg [Sweden]
05.06.2008 Rocksound Festival Schwarzenbach BE [Switzerland]
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About Tobias Sammet

He has sold more than 3 million discs worldwide, he has played more than 600 concerts in almost 40 countries in Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Australia and Europe: composer and vocalist Tobias Sammet is one of Germany's biggest internationally acclaimed artists in recent music history. Tobias first became known as the singer and songwriter of the band Edguy that he co-founded in 1992. In 1999 he founded his side project "Tobias Sammet's Avantasia", an all-star Rock Opera that would allow him to collaborate with superstars such as Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine & Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), members of legendary bands such KISS & Mr. Big, Helloween, Magnum, Rainbow, Saxon, and many more throughout the years. All of his recent albums entered the top ten charts in countries all over the world. His latest Avantasia-release "The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days" went straight to number 1 in Germany, Sweden and Austria!

Now the 35 year old German is back with another monumental epic. The Mystery Of Time marks the first AVANTASIA release since the 2011 Live-DVD The Flying Opera (which charted all over Europe, topping the charts in Germany, Austria and Sweden).

In 2011 Tobias announced the end of the project into TV-cameras that shot footage for a live broadcast of Avantasia's headlining performance as one of the main acts at the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival. Now Tobias says about the unexpected comeback of Avantasia:

During our summer tour in 2008 we played to more than half a million fans worldwide. We had fought our way into the upper regions of the charts with hard work, despite the fact we didn´t have major radio support. We were headlining some of the biggest festivals on the planet. Even before that Wacken performance I knew there wasn´t much headroom left and that I should focus on something new to spare me the descent. But it was impossible to quit. I am an artist, I had ideas and felt that I wanted to keep going as long as I saw challenging targets and as long as I could hit new shores. So I hired an orchestra and tried to push the dreamy and fairytale-ish atmosphere to the limit and beyond. I wanted to create a real grown up Rock Opera, but I wanted to keep my music serious kick ass music, first and foremost appealing to true Rockers. I just wanted it to be a little bigger and more opulent than what it used to be. Something between Richard Wagner, Meat Loaf, Queen and a freight-train at high speed!