The Unity will support Edguy on their „Monuments Tour 2017“

The best of the best - this package truly lives up to the title!

Now this is really the juicy, sweet cherry on top of a delicious heavy metal cake, isn’t it !??
We are extremely excited and proud to announce that The Unity will support Edguy on their anniversary tour in autumn 2017!

The Monuments Tour is going to be a rocking celebration of 25 glorious and extremely successful years of Edguy’s career.
A best of on stage, as far as songs and musicians are concerned!

What better support could there have been for this party than The Unity - new band of Gamma Ray’s members Michael Ehré and Henjo Richter.
Their highly acclaimed debut album Rise and Fall is packed with haunting, brilliant songs somewhere on the edge between hard rock and melodic metal.

We would suggest every metal fan not to miss out on these great shows!

For tourdates and tickets please click here.