Avantasia will play 20th anniversary show in Sweden

@ Gefle Metal Festival’s Pre-Party 2020

We are proud to announce that Avantasia will play a very special 20th Anniversary Show at Gefle Metal Festival’s Pre-Party in Sweden on 08.07.2020 which will be at the same time the band’s only Swedish concert in 2020.

Avantasia started out as a daring vision of a Metal Opera 20 years ago, and Tobias Sammet, who was courageous enough to make his dream come to life, states:

“It‘s been a long road, an exciting journey full of hard work, taking risks and balancing on the edge at times. But I wouldn‘t want to miss a minute of it.
Looking back now, without the sheltering retreat and the creative freedom and possibilities I’ve found in Avantasia, I‘d probably have gone crazy and burnt out in this superficial, super-glossy and super-streamlined music industry, with its often unfulfillable and ludicrous expectations, by now.

The naiveté to dream up Avantasia as a 20 year old boy has rewarded me with the chance to create my own little world that has always turned at my own little pace. That said, when you get to work next to your heroes and the best of the best - you don‘t even realize how you constantly break through your own limitations and discover new possibilities - the fuel for inspiration.

20 years and counting - thanks to our fans and my wonderful extended Avantasia family. And honestly, there is no better way to celebrate our anniversary than gathering the family on stage and in front of it for a few epic best-of shows featuring the most celebrated anthems of our career plus some songs that we have never or not played in a long time. Again I want to thank everybody who has joined me on my journey so far. And I am looking forward to delivering a great show with some of my amazing companions!“

Ticket sales will start on Friday, Oct 11th at 10:00h CET under: tickster.com - don’t miss out on it!!