Brainstorm joins Nine Lives Entertainment

Let’s summon the Midnight Ghost!

It is with great honour we announce that the Power Metal band Brainstorm will be part of Nine Lives Entertainment’s artist roster from now on.

The German group has been founded in 1989 by guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric and drummer Dieter Bernert, who all still belong to the line-up down to the present day. Completing the band are singer Andy B. Franck and bassist Antonio Ieva.

The release of their debut album called Hungry in 1997 was the rocket launch to their long career during which they published more than 10 LPs and toured the world. Their latest record Midnight Ghost was released in late 2018 and is considered a true milestone of the band for very good reasons - excellent songwriting, haunting melodies, heavy rocking guitar riffs and a great cover artwork to name only a few.

We are immensely looking forward to working with Brainstorm and taking the next step forward with them.

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