Past Dates

16.04.2020 O2 Academy Islington Cancelled London [GB]
15.04.2020 Maroquinerie Cancelled Paris [FR]
12.04.2020 LUXOR Cancelled Köln [DE]
11.04.2020 Zeche Bochum Cancelled Bochum [DE]
09.04.2020 Columbia Theater Cancelled Berlin [DE]
08.04.2020 Lido Club Cancelled Berlin [DE]
06.04.2020 Proxima Cancelled Warszawa [PL]
05.04.2020 Pravda Club Cancelled Moscow [RU]
26.05.2015 Fabryka Club Krakow [PL]
24.05.2015 C-Club Berlin [DE]
23.05.2015 Zeche Carl Essen [DE]
22.05.2015 Zeche Carl Essen [DE]
20.05.2015 Divan Du Monde Paris [FR]
19.05.2015 Divan Du Monde Paris [FR]
18.05.2015 O2 Academy Islington London [UK]
16.05.2015 Theatr Club Moscow [RU]
23.01.2011 Elysee Montmartre Paris [FR]
22.01.2011 Zeche Bochum [DE]
20.01.2011 Backstage München [DE]
19.01.2011 Diesel Budapest [HU]
17.01.2011 Nosturi Helsinki [FI]
15.01.2011 Tochka Club Moskva [RU]
01.11.2009 Circo Volador Mexico City [MX]
29.10.2009 Teatro Novidades Santiago de Chile [CL]
25.10.2009 Salamandra Barcelona [ES]
24.10.2009 Barbey Bordeaux [FR]
23.10.2009 Elysee Montmartre Paris [FR]
21.10.2009 O2 Academy Islington London [UK]
20.10.2009 La Laiterie Strasbourg [FR]
18.10.2009 Columbiaclub Berlin [DE]
17.10.2009 Backstage Halle Munich [DE]
16.10.2009 Zeche Bochum [DE]
14.10.2009 De Helling Utrecht [NL]
13.10.2009 Vega Copenhagen [DK]
11.10.2009 Brewhouse Gothenburg [SE]
10.10.2009 Klubben Stockholm [SE]
08.10.2009 KB Malmö [SE]
07.10.2009 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
06.10.2009 Tulliklubi Tampere [FI]
04.10.2009 Zal Ozhidaniya St Petersburg [RU]
03.10.2009 Tochka Club Moskva [RU]
28.06.2009 Tuskafestival Helsinki [FI]
27.06.2009 Metaltown Gothenburg [SE]
06.06.2008 Swedenrock Sölvesborg [SE]
15.06.2007 Provinssi Rock Seinäjoki [FI]
31.03.2007 Columbiaclub Berlin [DE]
30.03.2007 Elserhalle Munich [DE]
28.03.2007 Gloria Cologne [DE]
27.03.2007 Markthalle Hamburg [DE]
25.03.2007 La Loco Paris [FR]
24.03.2007 Z 7 Pratteln [CH]
23.03.2007 Roxy Saarbrücken [DE]
20.03.2007 Tavastia Helsinki [FI]
19.03.2007 Klubben Stockholm [SE]
18.03.2007 The Underworld London [GB]
07.05.2006 Columbia Club Berlin [DE]
06.05.2006 Georg-Elser-Halle Munich [DE]
05.05.2006 Gloria Theater Cologne [DE]

MUCC are Tatsuro (vocals), Miya (guitar), YUKKE (bass) and SATOchi (drums). In February of 1997, Tatsuro and Miya met for the first time and decided to start a band.  With Dr. SATOchi on board, they formed the band in Ibaraki, Japan.  Bassist YUKKE joined in February of 1999.  Since then they have released 20 singles, 17 albums (including mini-albums and Live albums) and six DVD's.  They have played a total of 600 shows since they were formed, including their first Budokan show in 2006.  From 2005 they have also been active with overseas touring. In 2007 they mark their 10th anniversary with a WORLD TOUR (shows in the EU and Shanghai) weekly shows in Japan, and two best-of CD's.  They are also streaming their live shows through Yahoo!, so that their fans the entire world over can watch. All eight albums leading up to their best-of album have been released in the EU and the USA and have sold extremely well. In 2008 they played at the biggest "loud rock" festival/ tour, the ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS 2008 (INTERNATIONAL), playing 34 shows in North America and then 19 shows in Europe.  At the Japan show they headlined, due to their participating in the most shows on the tour.  They have also played at the Sweden Rock Festival and various shows in the US. The album Shion was released in March and after that MUCC toured Japan, Europe, and North America.  In addition their song Fuzz was used in the soundtrack for the Hollywood film Cloverfield, the top movie in the US at the time. Now big in the West as well as the East, MUCC worked with producer ken (of L’Arc~en~Ciel) to create their single Ageha released in August. In 2009 they released their second single with ken, Sora to Ito in January, which hit number 8 on the Oricon charts in its debut. In March they release the album Kyuutai.

On March 15, 2009, MUCC played at the Budokan for the first time in three years and sold out the show.  They finished their TOUR MUCC JAPAN TOUR 2009 for Kyuutai in May and June, their first all-Japan tour in two years and three months. In August they released their collection of PV's, The Clips ~track of six nine~ and their B-sides album Coupling Best and Coupling Worst.  In October their world tour, MUCC WORLD CIRCUIT 2009 ~Solid Sphere~ covered 11 countries and finished with a show in Tokyo. In December they announced the release of their first digital-release-only song, Diorama. In February of 2010 they held the En 5 event and played big shows at February 14 at NHK Hall, February 17 at NHK Osaka Hall and the WINTER CIRCUIT.  On June 9 2010 MUCC released their single Yakusoku and on September 22 the single Falling Down.  In addition they held the En 6 event in September in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. On October 6 they released their new album KARMA.  Their show at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall in October will kick off a domestic tour dubbed MUCC Tour 2010 Chemical Parade.


  • Tatsuro - Vocals
  • Miya - Guitars
  • Yukke - Bass
  • Satochi - Drums

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